Chinatown Heritage Centre

48-50 Pagoda St, Singapore 059207

Location : 48 Pagoda St, 059207
Nearest MRT station : Chinatown MRT (North-East Line)
Currently under renovation


Chinatown Heritage Center consists of three beautifully restored shophouses on Pagoda Street, in the busy heart of Chinatown. The only place in Singapore where original shophouse interiors are recreated as in the 1950s, it is packed with pictures, stories and artefacts which relate to the struggles of Chinese migrants (known as Sinkheh).


Inaugurated in 1995 as a permanent exhibition of the Overseas Chinese Identity, the Centre has remained self sustaining and is funded by private donors and government grants. It was established to promote permanent awareness of Chinese history, culture and traditions.


A research centre, a museum and a library, it tells the tale of the hardships migrants endured during the earlier years of Singapore, their poor living conditions and cramped quarters. It tells a tale of many different sides of Singapore as it was, such as gambling dens, opium dens and secret societies which were rampant during that era. It also shows how Chinese migrants celebrated festive seasons in the bustling port city of Singapore and how Chinatown has changed over time. It tells the tale of a life now forgotten, of survival, of a richness and variety no longer present in Singapore.


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