Chinese Garden

1 Chinese Garden Rd, Singapore 619795

Location: 1 Chinese Garden Rd, 619795
Nearest MRT: Chinese Garden MRT Station (East-West Line)
Tel: 6261 3632


The garden was designed by Taiwanese architect Professor Yu Yuen-Cheng and built in 1975. He used the Northern Chinese imperial style of architecture; consequently the garden has a feel of the Sung dynasty about it. It was built as a way to counter the effect of industrialization in the area as in the early 1970s, Jurong was being heavily industrialized with the construction of factories and industries. The Jurong river was dammed which resulted in the formation of 3 islands, one of which became the site of the Chinesse garden.


Standing guard at the entrance gate are two majestic marble sculptured lion as lions in Chinese history represent authority and fealty.
The marble sculptured lions are not the only sculptures you can find in the garden; there are also sculptures of the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals and other Chinese historical figures like Qu Yuan and Guan Yu.

The garden encompasses several architectural buildings like the Stone boat and Tea house, Main Arch Building (which is a photography hotspot for visitor), four Chinese Pavilions and a 7-storey Pagoda. One of the main features of the garden is the reproduction of the 17-Arch Bridge found in Beijing’s Summer Palace, the 13-Arch Rainbow Bridge.

Within the main garden are other, smaller gardens such as The Garden of Abundance, Garden of Bonsai, Early Spring Courtyard and a park filled with bamboo and willow, ficus trees and lotus ponds.

The garden is home to a live Turtle and Tortoise Museum which showcases 54 species of turtle and tortoise, one of the rarest of which is the 2-headed, 6-legged softshell tortoise.

This place is a good change of pace from the busy city street of Singapore where you can enjoy the serenity, peace and quiet of nature. Though be warned that during Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival, this place will burst into life! And it is the best place to go to view lanterns during the Mid-Autumn Festival!


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