Eurasian Heritage Centre

139 Ceylon Rd, Singapore 429744

Location : Junction of Dunman Road and Ceylon Road.


The Eurasian Heritage Centre (also known as Eurasian Community House) is in the heart of vibrant Katong, where many Eurasians lived from the early 20th century. The Eurasian Heritage Centre’s mission is to preserve and share Eurasian heritage and culture, thus providing a glimpse into the History and Heritage of Eurasians in Singapore. The exhibits cover music, clothes, local celebrities, unique celebrations and even language of Eurasian cultures.


The Eurasian community is among Singapore’s smallest, but also among its earliest. The community is unique for its blended traditions of East and West, tracing both their Asian and European origins via Southeast Asia’s major colonial settlements, such as Malacca, Penang, Goa, Macau and Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). Managed by the Eurasian Association of Singapore, the centre regularly organises special community projects and activities like dance classes and tasting sessions.

The Centre features a learning tour in the building. The objective of the galleries is to raise awareness of this minority community in Singapore and reach out to the younger generation of Eurasians, encouraging them to find out more about their roots, and reach out to new Eurasians, who have mixed European and Asian parentage, to be proud to be identified as a Eurasian.


The learning tour consists of three main sections:
• A small museum called ‘The Eurasian Showcase’ that summarises the Heritage and History of the Eurasian Community in Singapore, exploring European roots of Eurasians (Portuguese, Dutch, British and others).

• A more specified exhibition entitled ‘World War Two – The Eurasian Story’. This exhibition is unique as it shares experiences of Eurasian families who went through and survived the war.

• The final gallery entitled ‘Roots of our Community’ delves into the European roots of Eurasians in Singapore and their influence on society through trade and inter-marriage.

Interestingly, the The Eurasian Experience Tour includes a quick lesson on the popular Eurasian folk song and dance, the Jinkli Nona, a traditional Portuguese Malaccan folk song and to “Kristang”, a spoken patois of Eurasians with origins from 17th century Malacca.

The tour usually ends with a sampling of the Sugee Cake, a Eurasians’ signature delight at Quentin’s Eurasian Restaurant located at the Community House., as well as a fun quiz about Eurasians.


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