Haw Par Villa

262 Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore 118628

Location: 262 Pasir Panjang Road, 118628
Nearest Train Station: Haw Par Villa MRT Station (Circle Line)
Admission: Free
Time: 9am – 7pm
Tel : 6736 6622


This magical and exceptional garden aims to tell tales of Chinese traditional stories and legends which teach traditional Chinese values.


Haw Par Villa was built in 1937 when it was known as Tiger Balm Garden. It was built by the developers of Tiger Balm, Mr Aw Boon Haw and Mr Aw Boon Par.

During the Japanese invasion of Singapore, it was occupied by the Japanese who used it as a centre to keep watch on the ships at sea.

When Aw Boon Haw returned to Singapore after the war, he did not conduct any major renovation other than clearing away damaged remains. He did, however, add sculptures of Chinese folklore to the garden.
In 1988, the Singapore Tourism Board took over the running of the garden and renamed it Haw Par Villa Dragon World with all the statues restored. In March 2001, the Singapore Tourism Board re-named it Tiger Balm Garden and made the admission free. Admission is still free today.


The most well-known theme in the theme park is the famous depiction of the 10 Courts of Hell. The images are grotesque and macabre, to say the least. Other famous Chinese folklores and legends like the famous Journey to the West, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and more, are also showcased in the garden.

The garden predominantly imparts traditional Chinese Confucian teaching and values, like The Twenty-four Filial Exemplars. It is interesting that every statue has a story and meaning attached to it.


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