MacRitchie Reservoir

Reservoir Rd, Singapore 570000

Location : off Lornie Road


MacRitchie Reservoir was completed in the late 1860s. The reservoir was the first water catchment and supply system to be implemented in Singapore and was renamed Thomson Road Reservoir in 1907. The name reverted back to MacRitchie Reservoir again in 1922, after James MacRitchie (the Municipal Engineer of Singapore from 1883 to 1895), in recognition of his contributions.

The fresh water supply of Singapore has always been an important concern since its early days as a British settlement.


In 1857, Tan Kim Seng, a wealthy and philanthropic Chinese businessman, donated S$13,000 towards the improvement of the city’s water supply and the final proposal was made to build an Impounding Reservoir at Thomson Road. The plan was submitted to the colonial government at Calcutta and was finally approved in 1864.
The construction of the reservoir was completed in 1867; the pumps and distributing networks were only completed 10 years later in 1877. Singapore's first waterworks was finally completed and officially opened in 1878. In order to commemorate Tan Kim Seng's generous donation a fountain was erected in honour of his charitable deed; the fountain was originally located at Fullerton Square and subsequently relocated to Queen Elizabeth Walk in 1925.

The reservoir went through 2 extension projects, the first extension in 1891 to increase its capacity to over 468 million gallons and the second extension in 1905 triggered by a water famine in 1902.


The MacRitchie Reservoir Park was opened in 1967 and has become an ideal location for frequent joggers and strollers. The park also supports a variety of fauna and flora such as long-tailed macaques, clouded monitor lizards, Malayan colugo, black-bearded flying dragon, lesser mousedeer and Sunda pangolin.

The HSBC TreeTop Walk is a 250 metre aerial suspension bridge spanning Bukit Peirce and Bukit Kalang, the two highest points in MacRitchie Reservoir. The bridge was completed in July 2004 and officially launched on 5 November 2004. At its highest point, 25 metres above ground, visitors can enjoy an unobstructed panoramic view of the Reservoir and its lush rainforest.


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