Stamford Raffles’s Landing Site

Downtown Core, Singapore

Location : Boat Quay, north side


Traditionally, Sir Stamford Raffles is believed to have landed at Boat Quay on 29th January 1918 when he signed the Treaty which established Singapore as we know it today.

His landing on the mainland is marked by a polymarble statue beside the Singapore River and behind the current Parliament House, a spot on Boat Quay which Sir Stamford Raffles named South Point.


Reports vary in regard to the landing site of Sir Stamford Raffles in Singapore.
What IS known is that, travelling on the Indiana, accompanied by several other ships including the schooner Enterprise (number of ships varies, depending on who told the story, between four and nine), they anchored off St John’s Island on 28th January 1918.

The precise date location of his landing in Singapore is doubtful. Some accounts state that he insisted that local dignitaries visit him aboard the Indiana before he would set foot in Singapore. He asked such questions as whether the Dutch had a presence in Singapore, who commanded the island, and so on. He was assured that the Temenggong ruled Singapore on behalf of Sultan Hussain. All that would have taken time.

The Temenggong, a vassal of Sultan Hussein, drafted and signed the Singapore Treaty whereby on the 30 January 1819, it was finally ratified and signed by Sir Stamford Raffles and Sultan Hussein on 6 February 1819.

The original Statue of Sir Stamford Raffles was a bronze Statue sculpted by the famed sculptor-cum-poet Thomas Woolner. On Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee Day, 27 June 1887 the statue was unveiled by Sir Frederick Weld; who was then the Governor of the Straits Settlements. The bronze statue originally stood at the Padang, facing the sea but was subsequently relocated to the front of the Victoria Memorial Hall on 6 February 1919. The statue was positioned in a manner that it looked towards the mouth of the Singapore River. The polymarble replica of the bronze statue was erected and unveiled in 1972.


South Point is a pleasant square on the river bank, surrounded by such buildings as the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall in Empress Place. One can sit there and watch the bustling world of Boat Quay on the opposite bank of the river or simply stroll along the riverbank.



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