Sri Mariamman Temple

244 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058793

Location: 244 South Bridge Road


Sri Mariamman Temple is the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore. Built by Indian pioneer Naraina Pillai (or Narayana Pillay) in 1827, the initial wood-and-attap temple was later reconstructed into a brick structure in 1843. With its brightly coloured and multi-faceted six-tiered gopuram (entrance tower) the temple is a widely recognised landmark in Chinatown.


Pillai, an Indian trader migrated to Singapore in 1819 and suffered a great business loss in 1822 when his shop at Cross Street was burned down. He managed to revive his business, with the assistance of Sir Stamford Raffles. In gratitude, he decided to build the Sri Mariamman temple dedicated to the goddess Mariamman, curer of diseases, in 1827.

In 1843, the existing wood-and-attap temple was demolished and reconstructed with brick. Both Pagoda Street and Temple Street which were parallel with the temple gained their names from this ornate building.

The temple has since undergone several rounds of renovations and modifications. Much of the present building is believed to date from 1862-63, constructed by Indian and Chinese craftsmen. The temple has since undergone several rounds of renovations and modifications, the latest being a S$4-million restoration project in April 2010 with a team of about 20 artists brought in from India specifically for the restoration project.

The Sri Mariamman Temple has been gazetted as a National Monument by the Singapore Government.


An agamic temple built in the Dravidian style, this spectacular temple serves the majority of the Hindu and Tamil populations in Singapore. With its combination of covered shrines, courtyards, and richly ornamented columns and ceilings, it is a feast to the eye.

The temple serves to this day as it always has, as a place worship, of registry of marriage, a refuge for new immigrants, and promotion of social, educational and cultural activities.


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