The Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall

9 Empress Pl, Singapore 179556

Location : 9 Empress Place.


The Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall were actually two separate buildings that were built more than 40 years apart and subsequently joined by a clock tower. They were also previously known as the Town Hall and Victoria Memorial Hall respectively. The Victoria Theatre (then Town Hall) had supported various government services, including the Singapore Library (later renamed as Raffles Library and Museum) from 1862 to 1876. Both the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall were gazetted as a national monument on 14 February 1992.

The Town Hall was built and completed in 1862 as a Town Hall with offices and meeting rooms on its second floor and a theatre on its first floor. In 1893, the offices were moved out to make more space for the theatre. The Town Hall and Victoria Theatre are two separate buildings built 40 years apart.

A Memorial Hall (to Queen Victoria) was built next to the Town Hall and completed in 1905 at a cost of S$340,000.

Palladian in style and next to each other, a clock tower was then built which connects the two buildings in a particularly pleasing façade.


On 13 December 1901, a resolution was passed to build a memorial hall for Queen Victoria, and the Town Hall was to be incorporated into the new building. The Victoria Memorial Hall was opened on 18 October 1905 by then Governor John Anderson, and the Town Hall was renamed as Victoria Theatre. The 54-metre clock tower that connects the two buildings was completed only in 1906.

In the early days of World War II, the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall served as a hospital; at the end of the war the trial of Japanese war criminals was also held there.
On 21st November 1954 the People’s Action Party used the Hall for their inaugural meeting.

The Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall underwent major renovations in 1952, 1958 and 1979 in order to increase its seating capacity to 937 along with improvements to the air conditioning, accoustics and soundproofing systems, among other things.

After the 1979 renovation, the Victoria Memorial Hall was officially renamed as the Victoria Concert Hall. The Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall underwent another major renovation in June 2010 before reopening on the 15th July 2014.


The Victoria Concert Hall is home to the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. A centre of great musical performance, the Concert Hall provides an opportunity for the ordinary man to chill and listen to great music.


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