Marina Bay Countdown

Around Marina Bay

If you can consider yourself lucky enough to be in Singapore for New Years Eve, than enjoying the 8-minute fireworks around Marina Bay will be literally a blast. Be there and share the moment with thousands of others that you only have once a year on a tropical night full of lights with the metropolitan night skyline of Singapore in the background. When the clock hits midnight it is time to just let yourself go under the amazing fireworks who will be dominating the night in Singapore.
You will also notice big white orbs on the water which are part of the "Wishing Sphere Project" in which you can also participate. Starting from mid November there will be 30 “wishing stations” set up all over the island where you can go to and write down your wishes or hopes for the coming year, an estimated number of 20.000 wishing spheres are going to be lit up and set afloat.
Also there is plenty of fun that will make your time go faster till the countdown such as carnivals, waterfront bazaars, and live outdoor music. Be prepared for a “surprise” during countdown, opening a year-long celebration of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee.

Around Marina Bay

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