Dragon Boat Festival

Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Channel

Experience Singapores exciting Dragon Boat festival (also known under the name Tuen Ng or Duanwu Festival), and watch the Dragon Boats racing, accompanied by the sound of drums.

The tradition has its roots in ancinet china when poet and minister Qu Yuan served the king during the Zhou Dynasty. The King bounded with the state of Qin which slowly gained power, but Qu Yuan disagreed with the Kings act and therefore was charged of treason. In his despair he went down to the river, and commited suicide by drowning himself. As soon the news spread to the local people where Qu was admired and loved, boats were prepared, and brought down to the river in attempt to save the poet. It is believed that man eating fish was lurking beneath the water surface. The brave people prepared sticky rice balls, throwing them in the water, hoping that the fish would let go of Qu to eat the rice instead but all effort failed to retrieve the body.

Today you can see this festival celebrated in many parts around asia and the world. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to see the boats while eating the traditional dish “Zongzi” (stuffed sticky rice balls wrapped in leaves) and try out “realgar wine”.

Date: 30th May

Locations: Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Channel

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